Blinkgoose is a space that parents and guardians come to gain knowledge, tools, resources and support to help in educating your children. We are grateful and appreciative that you are here, and we want everyone to feel respected, welcomed, appreciated and comfortable. In order to be comfortable, a safe space must exist. Safe spaces are places where kindness, respect and trust are abundant. We believe that parents/guardians must be comfortable, that is, feel safe if they are to get all of their needs, wants and wishes addressed. Thus,  in order to build and maintain a safe space, the following guidelines have been established by blinkgoose.

Be Polite!
Be Respectful, Civil and Considerate of fellow members diverse backgrounds, belief systems, thoughts and opinions. Assume best intentions. Disagreements are inevitable and will arise.  Strong communities are built on Respect.

Promote Kindness!
Lead with empathy, sensitivity and care when engaging or interacting with community members anywhere on the platform.

Promote Positivity!
Have an attitude of hopefulness and optimism about yourself, your child, your situation (and circumstances); and other members, their situation (and circumstances)and their children. See the best even in difficult situations. Be solution oriented.

Promote Tolerance and Patience!
We do not tolerate content or hateful language that attacks or discriminates – racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, ableism or another similar characteristic. These actions and attitudes are seen to be at the root of all social and ethical problems and are prohibited. We prohibit any harmful activity that could hurt someone from physical and emotional harm to misleading information or scams. Furthermore, repeated and unwanted contact is a form of harassment and bullying and is not allowed either.

Use your true identity
Blinkgoose is built on Trust – we want everyone to know you’re communicating with real people; and therefore require you to use your true identity. Nicknames are allowed, but impersonating another person or creating multiple accounts is prohibited.

Respect the Platform
Do not post or attract spam. No malicious or illegal activity. Do not contribute viruses, malware and other malicious programs or engage in activity that harms or interferes with the operation of blinkgoose or seek to interfere with security or authentication measures. Do not use blinkgoose to engage in unlawful or fraudulent activity, or to promote illegal acts.

Report Problems
You, our members, who make up blinkgoose, play a key role in community moderation by reporting content, action, activity or members that violate our Guidelines. Report anything you believe to violate our guidelines or policies by clicking on the more (3 dots) where posting is allowed; using feedback button on web pages or using our Contact form. Violating our member guidelines aka acceptable use policy may result in removal of content, limited access to the platform or termination. Please remember that disagreeing with a post is not a reason to report it. This slows down our ability to remove content that is truly abusive and to create a platform where everyone feels welcome.

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