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Where can I find science lessons for my elementary daughter and middle school son?2021-06-11T00:41:48+00:00
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Do you feel like your child missed out this past year during the pandemic on their science lessons and storytelling. Well, National Geographic (Nat Geo) to the rescue! During the pandemic Nat Geo Explorer Classroom held live interactive classes where students could connect with Nat Geo explorers, hear their stories, interact and ask questions.

Hate that your child missed it! Well, you’re in luck. 50 of those past episodes have been uploaded to YouTube. You can access them off the Nat Geo site. See the link provided here. And click on ‘Watch Past Events” on the left hand side under the banner that says “Explorer Classroom.”

These will keep any child between grades 3-8 (ages 9-14) busy all summer.

blinkgoose admin Asked question June 11, 2021
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