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Good evening!

I have twin girls that 13 years old.  I’m looking for a writing class or.program for the Summer to help enhance and develop great writing skills for my daughters. Do anyone have any information, resource, or reference?

blinkgoose admin Answered question June 13, 2021

Evening LaSheon! Most of the summer writing programs/institutes of the past were in person. CSU Long Beach offers a Young Writers camp every summer, which my own children have attended. Unfortunately, it is not being offered this year at all due to the pandemic. So put on your radar for next year. Check with your local community colleges and universities to see if they have shifted to online for this summer.

Education unlimited is offering an Emerging Writers Institute for 7th through 9th grade online. It is creative writing (which by the way students get very little if any practice in school), which can help with overall writing development.

If you should find options, depending on how long the camp is, look for lessons on the narrative essay (telling a story), informative essay (explaining, informing or clarifying) and argumentative essay (presenting both sides of an argument on an issue). How to write a summary is extremely important. But don’t eliminate if the summary is not included. Students should be writing summaries regularly during the school year.

Last, what the instruction should look like is:

  1. Mini lessons for students on specific writing skills (for example, how to write a thesis statement, how to develop a paragraph, how to organize an essay)
  2. Sample/model essays to look at and examine before being assigned writing tasks.
  3. A rubric with the expectations of the writing assignment before writing the essay and
  4. Regular targeted feedback (direct and specific to a writing goal) from of course the teacher. A plus would be Peer Feedback. It is a very powerful form of writing instruction. Students learn what to look for and where to look for it, which guides their own writing.
blinkgoose admin Answered question June 13, 2021
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