How To Choose A College That’s Right For You*

On The Academic Environment

Are faculty members accessible?
Are students able to easily access courses outside of their major?
What type of evaluations (i.e., exams/papers) do faculty members use most often?

On The Campus Environment

What kinds of activities are students involved outside of classroom? Can first-year students get involved easily?
Are activities in music, theatre, and fine arts limited to students majoring in these areas?
Are students satisfied with their experience? Would they make the same college choice if they had to do it again?

On Campus Resources

What types of financial aid and academic scholarships are available? Are they renewable each year?
Who assists students with course selection and career advising? How often does this happen?
What career planning services are available on campus? Are there internships and who coordinates that program? When can students meet with career services?

On The Admission Process

When are your application deadlines?
Is an interview required for admission?
How do I apply for financial aid and scholarships?
When are the deadlines?