Choosing schooling based on your own educational experience or comfort zone AND

NOT on your child’s needs and/or wants.

Choosing specific career paths AND

NOT focusing on 21st Century Skills – creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

Still focusing on isolated disciplines in school AND

NOT on college and career skills.

Choosing schools with obsolete educational models AND

NOT on research-based effective models.

Focusing on standardized tests and quantity AND

NOT on Quality.


An arts education only prepares you to be an artist.


When in fact, an arts education prepares you to be not only an artist, but also a future scientist.

*Competition increases motivation.


While it can for some, for many it is counterproductive, interferes with collaboration and undermines the value of the educational experience.

*Class size doesn’t matter.


Reducing class size will in fact result in more learning.

*Homework boosts achievements.


No evidence of this is true. What students experience while at school is the most important factor like project based learning.

*College Admissions are based on academic achievement and test scores.


Many colleges and universities practice admissions by category. For example, athletics, musicians, artists and legacy etc. (This doesn’t mean that they don’t pay attention to achievement).


Focus early on effort and learning AND

Not on the self defeating mindset of focusing on awards, rewards and grades.

The definition of effort IS

work harder, try harder, care more.

Data science (the analysis and interpretation of data) is an essential 21st century skill for all NOT

just for engineers and computer programmers anymore.

Origami, Battleship, Legos and puzzles help with visual-spatial development AND

prepares kids to be architects, graphic designers, landscape designers, etc.

Scholars are willing to work, willing to learn AND

willing “to go the extra mile” and have a “whatever it takes attitude.”

Myths from “50 Myths and Lies That Threaten America’s Public Schools: The Real Crisis in Education by David C. Berliner and Gene V. Glass